Let all of us just agree that German is not the lightest language. It seems quite rough around the edges, but if you look a bit deeper you will find that some of the sayings are quite the laugh. Here are 21 funny German phrases which will brighten your day.

My Favourite German Phrases

Am Arsh der Welt

Direct translation: At the ass of the world
Figurative meaning: In the middle of nowhere

Die beleidigte Leberwurst spielen

Direct translation: Act like an offended sausage
Figurative meaning: Act like a drama queen

Du hast einen Vogel

Direct translation: You have a bird
Figurative meaning: You are crazy

Ich habe die Nase voll

Direct translation: I have a full nose
Figurative meaning: I have had enough

Schwein haben

Direct translation: To have a pig
Figurative meaning: To be lucky

Ein Katzensprung

Direct translation: A cat’s jump
Figurative meaning: A stone’s throw away

Ich falle aus allen Wolken

Direct translation: I fall from all clouds
Figurative meaning: I have not expected this

Du bist das Gelbe vom Ei

Direct translation: You are the yellow form the egg
Figurative meaning: You are all I am looking for

Mit Pauken und Trompeten untergehen

Direct translation: To go down with drums and trumpets
Figurative meaning: To fail badly

Ich bin fuchsteufelswild

Direct translation: I am foxdevilswild
Figurative meaning: I am extremely angry

Da liegt der Hund begraben

Direct translation: That is where the dog is buried
Figurative meaning: That is the heart of the matter.

Leben ist kein Ponyhof

Direct translation: Life is no pony farm
Figurative meaning: Life can be challenging

Ich glaub ich spinne

Direct translation: I think I spider
Figurative meaning: I think I’m going crazy

Ich glaub’ mein Schwein pfeift

Direct translation: I think my pig is whistling
Figurative meaning: I can’t believe what is happening.

Leg einen Zahn drauf

Direct translation: Put a tooth on it
Figurative meaning: Be quicker

Du Glüchspilz

Direct translation: You luck mushroom
Figurative meaning: You lucky man

Leben wie Gott in Frankreich

Direct translation: Live like God in France
Figurative meaning: To live in luxury


Direct translation: Cable salad
Figurative meaning: It is a mess

Du gehst mir auf den Keks

Direct translation: You are walking on my cookie
Figurative meaning: You are annoying me

Die Kirche im Dorf lassen

Direct translation: Leave the church in the village
Figurative meaning: Do not get carried away

Jezt geht’s um die Wurst

Direct translation: now it goes around the sausage
Figurative meaning: all or nothing

I hope that this was a great core workout. Until next time.



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