The Flash is one of my favorite series. I love how Barry can do everything at super speed, including learning new things.

I’ve always wished for that kind of power, until I realized that I do have something similar. An amazing brain and if we manage to use our brains at full capacity we will be just like Barry.

1. Bit by bit, day by day

So the first and most important thing to notice when studying a new language is that you need to do a bit every day. Even if you can only spare 5 minutes, make it to good use.

Learning a language is about doing it bit by bit, day by day!

2. Put it on repeat

Next our brains simply love repetition.

Research showed that if repeated within 48 hours of learning a new thing, your chances of remembering it for longer is much higher. I recommend that you make yourself a list of all the words you learn. If, for instance, you learn 5 new words every day, you would write them down at the bottom of the list. Tomorrow you should at least read through the previous day’s words. If you have the time repeat the words of the day before that as well. At the end of the week I recommend repeating the entire week’s words if you can.

Remember, the more you repeat, the better you’ll remember.

3. Listen to a native speaking

Here you might tell me that this is quite impossible. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a native hidden in our closets. Am I right?

I have the next best thing…

A native reading a book out loud for you. Amazon has the perfect option for quite a good price. You can find it here.

The reason I recommend this book, is because is includes the audio book of a native reading the stories. You also get the stories either on kindle or a paperback version. This book is also very helpful in the sense that you don’t have to look up all the words. It contains a glossary that will explain the words to you.

This way you will learn how to pronounce the words correctly, but also learn a heap of new words. All of this while immersing yourself in a world of reading.




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  1. This article really stood out for me. As an aspiring trainer 3 week diet and current classroom teacher, there was so much that I was thought was spot on, especially about presenting ideas 3 week diet with humility, neutrality and objectivity. Being open to challenge is so important, the more people do this, the more they are engaging with the application of what is being taught to their own lives.

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