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  • Why German Nouns Are Capitalized

    The question ‘Why are German Nouns Capitalized?’ is common on German learners’ minds. This is why I decided to look into the matter. Most people just answer this question by saying: ‘’It’s German grammar, that’s just how it is.’’ I don’t like that answer. That just makes me want to know even more, so, I […]

  • German Genders Made Easy

    German genders in grammar are one of the things that makes the German saying, Deutsche sprache, schwere sprache (meaning: German is hard), true.  Fortunately, the human mind, if programmed correctly, can be taught to remember these things naturally. I used to struggle with it a lot until I realised that there are easier ways to […]

  • The Reason for German Cases

    German cases are the reason why most people dread learning the language. But, I bet that if they knew the reason for German Cases, they would be much more eager to learn the language. I assume that you have already read my post on the dative case or that you can already identify the dative […]