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  • Watch Movies You Know In German

    A quiet night in? What can be any better? Especially if your significant other is also learning German… But regardless if they have any interest in joining you or if you lack such a relationship, watching movies you know in German is a great idea. Of course, some of you will absolutely hate the idea […]

  • German Cognates in English

    A list of German cognates in English can make learning German easier. One of my teachers always said that you have to start with the things you know and move toward the things you do not know. This is why I would recommend starting with learning German with cognates. Perfect German Cognates in English Perfect […]

  • Learn German with Catchy German Songs

    Did you know that you can learn German with Songs? In German, a song stuck in your head is known as an Ohrwurm (earworm). Here we have a place where it is, in fact, good to have an Ohrwurm. If you were to hear a German song for the entire day, I’d bet you’d have […]

  • Tips For Learning Vocabulary

    Having an extensive vocabulary is one of the most important parts of language learning, but I feel the greatest trouble we have is that we think in our native language when speaking in the new language. We try to translate all the time. If straying away from this concept you will remember the words much […]

  • The Better Way to Learn Languages

    Well,  that is fantastic, isn’t it? It feels as if we have been taught all wrong and wasted all of the time we’ve spent cramming words. Good news is… everything you’ve done will still be of great help to you. There is just a more efficient way! I will explain it this way. When you […]