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  • Most Used German Words to Learn

    I think we should start by learning the most used German words when learning German. Some time ago I explained that we ought to start learning languages like kids. In order to do that we need a basic vocabulary to get you into the game. By learning the most used words in the language you […]

  • German Quotes

    Test yourself with this post. Try to see how many of these German quotes you can understand without a dictionary. Use the concept I explained in another post. Only look up the words crucial for context or those that appear often. Mark Aurel “Denke lieber an das, was du hast, als an das, was dir […]

  • Must-Know German Verbs

    Time to get active, my dearests! Let’s learn some verbs. This is 25 of the most used verbs in German. I will post more later because I think you will be more motivated to study a few than the entire German dictionary? In German, similar to English there are columns with different forms of the […]

  • 14 Words Own to German

    Some German words are very special. They are extremely descriptive, but the best thing of all is that it can’t be translated to English. Weltschmerz – When the world doesn’t quite live up to your expectations. Verschlimmbessern – Do you know when you try to improve something, but in fact only worsen it? This is […]

  • Must-Know German Phrases

    Some German phrases’ words are quite a bit different than in English and it will be very useful to memorize them. They could help you out of tight situations. If in a German-speaking country the natives will also be more friendly and helpful even when only trying to speak in German. Talk to a person […]