Funny German Comic Strips: Improve Your German

I like to think that all people have a sense of humour buried within them. So, if you are one of those people that likes a good laugh, these funny German comic strips will not only provide you with a good time but also improve your German. I will add an English translation of the text as a caption to help you understand the strips.

Animal-Related Comic Strips

Die Entchen

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“I do not know either. They just followed me.”

Basically, the husband comes home after a shopping experience. Due to COVID-19 he wore his mask. To the ducklings (die Entchen) he seemed like a duck, thus, the followed him thinking that he was their mom (or dad I suppose).

Der Hahn

“I am currently calling from my egg-phone (iPhone).”

In English this one is not that funny, since the pun in the German is what makes it funny. The “i” in iPhone is replaced with “Ei” which is German for “egg”.

Der Delphin

Shark on the right hand side: “A Dolphin? Why did you adopt a dolphin?”
Dolphin: “Daddy, daddy! The pink thing is following me again.”

The shark on the left hand side’s smirk tells us that he adopted the dolphin because people found them cute. Thus, his new child can be the bait for his meals in future.

Die Kuh

The translation of the thought bubble is: ” I did not have time to cook, just chew again.”

In human households the letter will say to eat some leftovers, but not here seeing that cows re-chew their food, well technically the cud.

Actual Themes

Die Luft

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Frame 1: “I bought myself a packet of air yesterday!”
Frame 2: “And you are telling me this, why?”
Frame 3: “Because I found out that it was filled halfway with chips!!!!”

Usually people complain about the fact that the pack of chips is filled with more air than chips. I suppose this is another way to look at the situation.

Der Körper

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Husband: “Sleep well, Mau!”
Wife: “You too, Partnerotter! Love you!”
Wife: “Hm… – tell me, do you know also, when you have to think about how your corpse will look, become nauseous of disgust? The sekeleton, the organs… Totally bizar and disturbing.”
Husband: “Mau, I actually really want to sleep now!”
Wife: “Yes, sorry! Night!”
Husband: “…”
Wife: Soundly asleep.

This one speaks for itself… The person who was trying to fall asleep is now disturbed by the other’s thoughts.

Das Fitnessstudio

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Heading: “The upside of the Corona-time.”
TV: “Due to the Corona-danger, all gyms will temporarily be closed.”
Woman while eating chips: “Finally, not that constant guilty conscience.”

Well, for some the upside of COVID-19 is that gyms are shut. That means that they can sit on the couch and eat as much chips as they like without feeling that they have to go to the gym…

I really hoped that you enjoyed these funny German comic strips as much as I have.


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