German Genders Made Easy

German genders in grammar are one of the things that makes the German saying, Deutsche sprache, schwere sprache (meaning: German is hard), true.  Fortunately, the human mind, if programmed correctly, can be taught to remember these things naturally.

Deutsche Sprache, Schwere Sprache

I used to struggle with it a lot until I realised that there are easier ways to permanently store it in your brain.

Automatisation of German Genders

I feel that when studying German nouns, it is important not to simply memorize the word. You have to study the gender with every word, for example:

The German word for car is Auto, but instead of learning the word by itself, you should learn it with the definite article used in the nominative case. So, you will learn it as das Auto, that way if you think of it your brain will automatically know what from the article has to be in when using it.

Gender by Association

If that method seems too complicated, you can use another, more general, method. With that, you associate each gender with a word.  Masculine can be linked to the name John and each masculine noun can be linked to the word John.

You can also describe a gender with certain adjectives. Feminine can be described as soft and gentle. Just like with the name method named before the nouns will be linked to that description.

I hope that these methods will help you to struggle less with this. Remember that you can use your own names or descriptions for the genders.

If you have another method that works for you, I’d like to hear from you!


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