German Short Stories to Improve Your German

Reading German short stories can improve your German tremendously. Also, they are not as long as a novel, thus, they require less motivation to finish. I compiled you a list of stories that you can add to your list. There are also links to the books so you can get them and the bonus is that all of the books that I will list here is below $10 in the Kindle version (all prices at the time of publishing this post).

Becoming fluent in German: 150 Short Stories for Beginners

This book includes far more than just the reading material. An audio version of the book as well as over 900 digital flashcards to help you learn even better. Words used in this book is repeated very often throughout and thus it will be easier for you to remember those words. At the end of each story, there is also some vocabulary and questions.

Learn German With Stories: Café in Berlin – 10 Short Stories For Beginners 

These stories show the experiences of a newcomer in Berlin. Thus, while learning about the capital of Germany, you will also learn some German. Also, there is a German-English dictionary to accompany every story as well as some questions and answers. Other bonus material includes videos, flashcards and exercises.

Great German Short Stories

Presented in simple German these stories ought to bring you loads of pleasure while improving your vocabulary. There is a vocabulary list as well as exercises, to practise your comprehension, at the end of each story.

German: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners Who Want to Learn the German Language, Including German Grammar, German Short Stories, and Over 1000 German Phrases

Apart from 11 exciting short stories, this bundle also includes a phrase section as well as one on gammar. In my opinion, this is a great buy for anyone wanting to study German.

Intermediate German Short Stories: Learn German Vocabulary and Phrases with Stories 

The next book is estimated to be a little harder than the previous. It is around levels B1 or B2, which is considered intermediate level. It contains a few short stories with a German-English glossary at the end of each. Apart from the glossary, there is also a summary of the story (in German) as well as a comprehension test with answers.

I adore reading and can personally attest to the value thereof in my German-learning journey. The above mentioned books should get you well on your way towards being more fluent in German.

Let me know if you have some other great books that you can recommend.


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