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Greetings in German

Here is to those who love letters. A letter on which one can still smell the coffee the writer drank while writing it. Or maybe one on which there still is the mark of the hand lotion they used before the writing. But some might prefer an electronic letter in which the words have been carefully arranged and retyped until the perfect idea has been captured. Whichever you choose, this is for you. Here is how to greet in German at the end of a written letter.

I love words. I adore it when people express how they feel in words. But those letters do not merely consist of words arranged in perfect harmony. Letters need to end well. What do they say? Ende gut, Alles gut. (All’s well that ends well.) So if you are not that good at writing letters, end your letter well and all will be good.

Depending on whom you are speaking to you would have to choose a different greeting to use at the end.

If you are in an informal or friendly conversation you can end with Liebe Grüße or you can abbreviate it to LG. Either way, it is like saying ‘lots of love’, ‘kind regards’ or anything similar.

In an informal to a neutral conversation, one would rather use Beste Grüße.

When engaged in a formal conversation, use Herzliche Grüße.

Well off you go, go write some letters!


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  1. Hello, I just discovered your site and as a new student of the German language I find really refreshing the way you introduce us to the culture bits by bits and also the essence on the content that you share is contagious.

    Oscar (4everlearning)

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