Learn German by Podcasts for English Speakers

You can learn German by using podcasts in just a few minutes a day.

One of the reasons that I think learning German through podcasts is such a good idea, is that listening is one of the four components of learning a language, the others being reading, writing and speaking.

I will put the first episode of all of the shows on Spotify here for you to listen to, but you can also find them on almost all other major podcast apps like Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts.

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1. Coffee Break German

This podcast is an interactive program that teaches you the language you need to know to be able to speak to natives. There is also information about German culture in it.

2. Coffee Break German Advanced

In this version of the German learning podcast, they focus on more advanced parts of the language. It is aimed at learners on the B1/B2 level.

3. Learn German by GermanPod101.com

This free podcast for learning German not only helps you to learn German, but also gives you information into German culture and important issues.

4. Easy German: Learn German with Native Speakers

You can also learn German by using this podcast. On this show they talk about things in Germany. They also explain words and expression as well as answer listeners’ questions.

5. Learn German Podcast | Deutsch lernen | ExpertlyGerman.com

This German learning podcast helps you with vocabulary and grammar. It is aimed at beginners, but also more advanced learners.

6. Learn German with LinguaBoost

You can also learn German by using this podcast. In this show, you are taught everyday German phrases in context. Another plus is that it is native speakers hosting the show, so you hear how people speak in real life.

7. German Stories | Learn German with Stories

This podcast helps you learn German through stories. This makes it so much more fun to learn German. Also, everything is given to you in bite-sized bits to make it easier to reach your goals.

8. The Learn German Vocabulary A1 to B2 Podcast

As you might have guessed from the heading of this section, this show is for German learners on almost all levels. It is mainly aimed at teaching you new vocabulary and helping you with the pronunciation of those new words. The aim of the podcast is to help you prepare for the Goethe and OSD exams.

8.1. First A1 Episode of the Show

8.2. The Podcast’s First A2 Episode

8.3. First B1 Episode of the Podcast

9. Learn German with Davi

In this show, you will learn all the basic things that you will need to speak German. It has short episodes that give you everything in bite-sized amounts in a fun way.

10. German Language Coach

This is one of the few German learning podcasts only focused on intermediate to advanced learners. In it, you can expect to learn about Germany, its culture and of course, the language.

Conclusion: Learn German by Podcasts

Learning a language through multiple sources can be great. Listening to podcasts will not only improve your grammar and vocabulary but also your listening skills.


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