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Learn German During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Like me, you guys are probably so tired of the coronavirus and simply sitting at home. A great way to use this time is to learn German during the coronavirus pandemic. You can even keep your kids busy with this if you need to get them out of your hair.

Make Flashcards With Vocab

Learning new words has always been easiest for me with some flashcards. I put the German word on the one side and the English on the other. If the German word is a noun I colour code the different genders. I also make three boxes numbered one, two and three.

I would recommend your looking at the most used German words. Go look at this post for some ideas.

Actually Study the Words on the Cards

After making the cards the important part starts; the actual learning… I usually go through all the words trying to memorize it. After that I go through, testing to see which I know by looking at the one side and trying to remember the other side. Remove the cards you know, place them in box one and repeat the process with the remaining cards.

On the next day test the cards that are in box one. All the ones that you remember you can move to box two. Now start with the cards that you could not memorize the previous day and mix them with the ones from box one that you couldn’t remember. You can also introduce new words. Do the same as the previous day.

On day three, do the same as day two. Repeat the cards in box one and study ones you do not know with the remaining cards from day two. You can add new cards if you want…

Day four starts the same as days two and three. Go through box one and put the ones you do not know with the ones from the previous day. After that, test yourself on the cards in box two. The ones you know goes to box three and the rest to box one. Leave them for tomorrow. Now go back to the words you do not know yet and possibly some new cards.

Leave the cards in box three for a week before you look at them again. Continue to do what you did on day four for the rest of the week. By the end of the week, the words in box three that you can remember, you can save for when you are bored. The ones you do not know go back to box one.

Listen to Audible’s Free Audiobooks

Due to schools and universities being closed, Audible decided to cancel subscriptions on their audiobooks for children till the schools reopen. Although meant for children, this even great for adults learning German. There are quite a bit of German stories to listen. This will grow your vocab tremendously and also help with pronunciation.

Click on this link to access it now.

"All you have to do, is to do what you can with the time that is given to you." - J.R.R. Tolkien

You are now given the gift of time. What you do with it is up to you. Spend it wisely my dearest reader.


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