Learn German When You Are Bored

Boredom is a pesky condition that most people try to avoid. A great way of combating this boredom? Learn German! Instead of sitting at home counting your toes, why not do something worth the while and learn some new skills- like speaking another language (or two)! You can even keep kids busy with this in a constructive way.

I know that German is not known to be the easiest language to learn, but I think that German is easy. It will also keep you busy while stimulating your brain.

Make Flashcards With Vocabulary

Learning new words has always been easiest for me with some flashcards. I put the German word on the one side and the English on the other. If the German word is a noun I colour code the different genders. I also make three boxes numbered one, two, and three.

I would recommend starting with the most used German words. You can also take a look at the most used German verbs. Another list that you can take a look at is the one with German cognates, these are the words that are either the same in German and English or closely related. Some of them, however, are misleading and not related at all.

Now comes the time to study the words on the cards. I have some tips for learning vocabulary, including how to study with flashcards. You can also use a notebook to study the words if you do not like flashcards.

Watch Some Great Videos

Most people I know love to binge-watch series and movies. So, if you are bored and not in the mood to be actively studying, why not watch some great German series, German movies or even some English movies that you already know translated to German.

This will help you to learn the part of German that you cannot learn through a textbook. You will learn the way in which Germans really speak. Your pronunciation will definitely get a boost and who knows you might even pick up a new word or two.

Learn German With Some German Audiobooks

Similar to the videos, listening to audiobooks will help to build your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. Amazon has some great audiobooks and if you take out an Audible premium plus membership you can listen to a selected range of audiobooks for free. You also get one free credit per month which you can use on any audiobook. They have a free Audible trial for 30 days which you can use to test the service out.

Read Some Great German Books

Reading in German will also improve your vocabulary and will help to automate German grammar. I compiled a list of German short stories for you to read and the best is that all of them are below $10 if you buy the Kindle version! But if you want to commit more to your German reading, you can always get a Kindle unlimited membership plan on which you get to read over a million ebooks for free. You can take this membership for a test drive with the Kindle Unlimited membership 30 day free trial.

Have Some Fun With Comic Stips

I mean, this one speaks for itself. Who doesn’t like a good laugh? Also, learning German the fun way is much better than any other way, don’t you think? Take a look at the list of hilarious German Comic Strips that I compiled.

Listen to Some German Music

Lastly, put on some songs that you can sing along to. Get the lyrics to the great, catchy German songs that I list here and sing your heart out! This will improve your pronunciation, listening and reading skills. Also, as with the other things that you can do while you’re bored, it will improve your vocabulary.


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