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Learn German with Catchy Songs

In German, a song stuck in your head is known as an Ohrwurm (earworm). Here we have a place where it is, in fact, good to have an Ohrwurm. If you were to hear a German song for the entire day, I’d bet you’d have to learn a few new words that day.

Ok, so, here is how this game works. You listen to the song a few times. I would recommend reading the lyrics a few times as you listen to it. It might be hard to hear everything clearly from the start. Soon you will be walking about with a worm mauling through your ear.

Before we head to the songs, just a quick note. When reading the lyrics, read it with your eyes closed. This will ensure your understanding of the piece far better. (If you are more confused at this point as to when your math teacher in high school explained a hard sum while you were asleep, it means you have not yet read my post on learning a language the right way. I recommend your reading it before you continue here.

Your new earworms, hopefully…

  1. Ohne dich – Rammstein
  2. Atemlos durch die Nacht – Helene Fischer
  3. Wir trafen uns im Garten – 2RAUMWOHNUNG
  4. 99 Luftballons – Nena
  5. Für immer Immer – Fettes Brot
  6. Leider Geil – Deichkind
  7. Belmondo (Große Liebe) – Annett Louisan
  8. Lieblingsmensch – Namika

Go for it, my dearests. Your earworms await…




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