4 Ways How You Can Learn German with Technology

Learning a new language can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Technology has made it easier than ever to learn German! There are plenty of apps out there that help you find words or phrases in German, give translations, or teach you the basics of the language with interactive exercises. It’s easy to make learning fun by using games and quizzes too! If you’re looking for something more serious, sites like Duolingo offer free lessons tailored to your needs. Read this post for some ideas on how technology can help you learn German today!

1. Learn German with an app

There are a number of apps available for learning German, including both paid and free options. This is a great way to learn the basics while you’re on the train to work or school. Many of these apps focus on core vocabulary, pronunciation and simple grammar rules. Others teach more advanced topics like verb conjugation and sentence structure.

Most of these apps can be classified under spaced repetition software. This kind of software is based on the idea that you learn better when the time to learn is spread out over several sessions. This means that if you learn German for 20 minutes every morning before work and then another session in the evening it’s way more efficient than learning 40 minutes once a day or even 80 minutes twice a day. You can use this to learn vocabulary, do exercises and even learn grammar; the point is that our brains do better when we feed them little bits of information at a time.


Duolingo is filled with exercises focussed on helping you learn new vocabulary while incorporating some grammar concepts for you to pick up on the way.


This is probably my favourite language learning app. It can help you to build vocabulary and you can use it to learn phrases or complete sentences which is very useful if you want to learn how to talk about specific topics like traveling. There are lots of different courses and they’re free.


MosaLingua is basically a flashcard app and if your goal is to build up your vocabulary, this app is the perfect choice.

2. Learn German using websites

The internet has been around long enough that there are countless blogs dedicated to teaching languages online, from general language practice through to specific vocabulary lessons or grammar tutorials. These can be found easily by searching “[language] learn [online/blogs]. For example: how to learn German online . Many people prefer this method because it allows them more flexibility in their routine than traditional learning methods do – they can study when and where they want without having any extra equipment needed.

You can even use Duolingo or Memrise on their websites if you do not want to install the app. Mosalingua is also available in a web version which is packed with additional features, like books and audiobooks, videos, music, and resource lists.

3. YouTube

YouTube is a great place to go if you want to learn how to talk about specific topics or learn phrases in context so it’s definitely worth spending some time checking out the German channels on there. Fluentu.com has a great post with 30 Must-Watch Channels for Learning German online with YouTube.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are another great way to learn German in context, you can learn quite a lot just by listening while commuting or doing any other tasks. Here’s an article which lists some of the best podcasts for learning German.

I know that it might seem daunting to learn a new language, but luckily we live in a world of technology, which makes it so much easier to learn faster and easier. It can also help to make the process a lot more fun.


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Learn German with Technology

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