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I want to help you learn German grammar online by making the hard things easy. I also want to provide you with German language learning resources and tools, because I believe that learning a language is more than knowing the grammar.

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    The accusative case in German is one of the four German cases. It is the case used for the direct object of a sentence. In this post I want to give you all my tips and tricks to master this German case as […]
  • Learn German by Podcasts for English Speakers
    You can learn German by using podcasts in just a few minutes a day. One of the reasons that I think learning German through podcasts is such a good idea, is that listening is one of the four components of learning a language, […]
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    Unfortunately, at some point, we always have to say goodbye to people, and if you are learning German you are probably wondering how to say goodbye in German. Today I want to show you all of the ways in which you can. Formal […]
  • German Reflexive Verbs
    German reflexive verbs are used in sentences where the subject carries out an action directed at themself. These verbs are usually used with reflexive pronouns in German, which indicate that the action is directed at the subject. Reflexive Pronouns in German I discuss […]
  • How to Say Yes and No in German
    Saying yes and no in German is quite simple. Most people know “ja” (“yes”) and “nein” (“no”), but there are other words that you can use to imply “yes and no”, without actually using those words. This will help spice up your German. […]