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Most Used German Words to Learn

I think we should start by learning the most used German words when learning German. Some time ago I explained that we ought to start learning languages like kids. In order to do that we need a basic vocabulary to get you into the game. By learning the most used words in the language you will have a good base of words to help you with context for new words and of course the grammar.

 alle all, all of us, every, everything
 an at, near, on, to, from there/today onwards
 auf on, up
 bin am
 da there, here, out there
 das the, that, this, who
 daß/dass that, so that
 der the, that, this, who, which
 dich you
 dir (to) you
 du you
 ein a / an
 eine a / an
 einen a / an
 er he
 es it
 für for
 habe have
 haben (to) have
 hat has
 hier here
 ich I
 in in
 ist is
 ja yes
 mich me
 mir to me
 mit with, by, along, too
 nein no
 nicht not
 noch still, yet
 nur only
 seine his, its, hers
 sich each other, himself, itself, herself, themselves, oneself, yourself
 Sie you (formal)
 sie them, they, her, you
 sind are
 so so
 und and
 uns ourselves, us
 vor forward, ahead
 was what
 wenn when
 wie how
 wir we
 zu to, too

Have fun learning.


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