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New Year’s Traditions in Germany

New Year’s Traditions in Germany

The new year is something everyone is always exited about. Well, I assume everyone. If you are not… I am sorry if I offended you, I truly am. Nevertheless, here is the New Year’s Traditions in Germany!

Lucky Charms

This one is my ultimate favourite!

People give one another random small gifts like Lucky Mushrooms (“Glückspiltze”), small pigs you name it. It is just a small token used to wish someone good luck for the new year.

Germans see Carps as a lucky charm, they often eat it on New Year’s Eve or as they call it, Sylvester. The name is in honour of Pope Sylvester I who passed on on the 31st of December 335. It is a superstition the hold on to that keeping a Carp’s scale in your wallet will ensure a lot of money within during the year.


One can also call it “Bowle” as Germans do.

Most consider it as an essential for sliding into the New Year. (I am not joking here, one of the German Happy New Year wishes, Guten Rutsch, literally means: have good slide!) They generally mix alcohol, fruit and juice, but there are some alcohol free recipes as well.


Blei-what-what-what? In short, it is a way the Germans predict their fate for the New Year.

They do it by melting lead or tin in a spoon over a small flame. Thereafter they drop it into cold water and the shape formed is used to predict what would happen to them in the following year.

Yet Germans are not Aliens…

Germans are humans and like most cultures I know of… they have parties, fireworks, a lot of food and concerts which often starts on the 31st of December and go into the early hours of the first.

As the New Year is entered with loud fireworks they clink glasses of Sekt or more commonly known as, Champagne, to the New Year. They say cheers as Prosit Neujahr (may the New Year succeed).

Orchestras in some cases have a special concert and the Chancellor gives a speech for the New Year via TV.

Some might have a gathering with friends or family later in the day, yet most spend it peacefully.

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