4 Reasons to Learn German With Flashcards

Learning a new language can be very difficult and frustrating. You often feel like you’re doing it wrong or that you won’t be able to remember any of the information. This is exactly why I use flashcards to learn German. They make it easier to memorize important vocabulary by helping you learn bite-sized amounts at a time. This is the best way for your brain to process new information. You’ll also feel less frustrated because you won’t feel so overwhelmed by loads of information. In this post, I’ll explain why German learners should use flashcards to learn the language in a more efficient way by listing all of the benefits of learning German with flashcards.

Benefits of Learning German With Flashcards

Everyone has their favourite way to study, but if you’re looking for a new way to learn German, try using flashcards.  I know what you’re thinking: “Flashcards? That’s so old school.” But hear me out. Flashcards are an excellent resource for reviewing vocabulary and grammar points, and they work great with spaced repetition. Science proved that they are one of the best ways to learn new vocabulary. What’s more, they can be customized to fit your learning style by using different colours or having pictures on the front of them! No matter how you use them (whether it’s as part of a study routine or just when you need some quick review) flashcards are perfect for any student who wants to improve their German fluency. You’ll feel more confident in speaking German in no time.

Bite-sized Information

Our brains are wonderful things and if we study in an effective way we can accomplish much more than we think. By learning a small amount every day your brain has a lot of time to process the information leading to better retention.

Take your flashcards with you when you take a coffee break and when you wait in line at the grocery store. You can use them when you are lying in bed in the morning not wanting to get up yet, or even before you go to sleep.

Studing on the Go

They’re easy to carry around and access anywhere making it easy to study on the go. You can store flashcards in an index card box or use the app Quizlet.

Keep your flashcards in your briefcase and learn a few while you are on the train to work or school.

Visual Clues

You can create your own flashcards with pictures, colours, and more. The association with pictures and colours helps our brains to remember the new vocabulary words more clearly.

Flashcards help students learn new vocabulary words more easily by associating them with pictures and definitions

They’re Inexpensive

You can buy a pack of 300 empty flashcards for under $10 (at the time of writing) on Amazon. There are so many different options to choose from but the following two are my favourite. You can choose between white and coloured.

That being said, you can also learn German with flashcards that are free by making them yourself.

I really hope that I managed to convince you to use flashcards to study German with. If I did then you should check out my post about learning vocabulary faster. In it, I describe how I use flashcards to learn German faster!


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Reasons to Learn German with Flashcards

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