The Best Apps for Learning German

Learning a new language can be challenging, but using some of the best apps for learning German, can make your life easier. These apps will help you learn German quickly and easily.

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The Best Apps for Learning German and Other Languages


Duolingo is one of the most popular apps for learning languages. It has been downloaded millions of times. This app helps users learn languages through interactive lessons, audio recordings, and practice exercises.

This free language learning app uses spaced repetition technology to help users study vocabulary and grammar. Users can choose between different levels of difficulty, so no matter what level you start at, you should be able to master the basics within just a few weeks.


Memrise is another free language learning app that uses spaced repetition technology to help users learn languages quickly. Users can choose from more than 30 languages to learn, including German.

Rosetta Stone

One of the best apps for learning German is called Rosetta Stone. It has been used by millions of people worldwide to learn languages and one of these languages is German.

In this app, they use text and pictures to boost your German learning. You get to learn common phrases through audio lessons and stories. There is also speech recognition built into the app to help you with your pronunciation.


With more than 10 million subscriptions sold, this is definitely a good app for learning German. With this app, you can learn in many ways including live online classes, podcasts, games, videos and short lessons.


You can also learn German with this app which has more than 200 lessons. You can use the lessons in an offline mode.

In the app, you will learn the basics of German and get in-depth explanations of grammar concepts. There are also audio recordings that can help you with pronunciation. Furthermore, there is a built-in flashcard function so you don’t have to make your own flashcards to learn German.

Lastly, there are stories in the app to help you learn new vocabulary.


If you prefer something interactive, there are plenty of options available. One of the best options is Pimsleur. It offers an immersive environment where students interact with native speakers as they practice speaking and listening skills. Students also receive feedback on their pronunciation and comprehension.


Mondly teaches you phrases and not words to make your learning process faster and more fun. All the recordings in the app are done by native speakers to help you learn the correct pronunciation of the words. Like some of the other apps, Mondly uses spaced repetition to make sure that you don’t forget the words you have learnt.

You can also practise having conversations with their Chatbot.


This app has a wide variety of resources to help you learn German or many other languages for that matter. You learn new words in phrases in bite sized amounts. The app helps you to remember these through spaced repetition.

The Best Apps for Learning German Specifically

Wie Geht’s German

This app helps you to quickly pick up the basics of German with almost 100 lessons with scenarios that you will encounter in real-life.

There is audio in the app to help you with pronunciation as well as quizzes to test your vocabulary. Apart from pronunciation and vocabulary, you can also learn Grammar with this app.

Furthermore, with this app, you can get help from live tutors.


You can learn offline with this app that can take you from a beginner level to speaking German on an advanced level.

There are audio and video lessons in to help you learn German. These lessons will help you with grammar and pronunciation in addition to learning new words.

iStart German!

This app uses audio to help you learn German in 20 lessons. In these recordings, there are conversations between an English tutor and two German ones. After completing the lessons, you will be able to have basic conversations in German.

While you are listening to the recordings, there are speech bubbles for you to use to follow along. New words are introduced with pictures beside them.


Like many of the other apps, Drops helps you to learn German by only spending a few minutes every day. You can spend these few minutes online or use their offline mode.

There are more than a thousand words for you to learn through the app. By connecting visual images to new words, Dorps makes it easy for you to remember new words. Above all, you can choose which words you want to learn from their more than 100 word lists to fit your needs.

The Best Apps for Learning German Grammar


With thousands of grammar exercises this app can take you from level A1 to level C1. There are more than 800 hours worth of activities for you to complete. However, this app doesn’t teach you the grammar it is more for practising what you already know.

German Complete Grammar

This app helps you with grammar starting at level A1 all the way through to level C1. There are more than 10 000 exercises for you to complete on this app.

To top it all off, you can even link this app with Google translate to make your life easier.

Der Die Das

Anyone who has been learning German for a bit will tell you that knowing when to use which of the German articles is not easy. With this app, you will learn when to use which article.

14,000 Deutsche Verben

As you might have noticed from the name of the app, this app helps you to learn verbs. In this app, you will find the conjugations of each of these German verbs for all the tenses. There are also recordings of how the words should be pronounced.

The Best Apps for Learning German by Talking


This app connects you to native speakers and although there are many platforms that proud themselves of doing so, their user bases are too small. HelloTalks has more than 30 million users! This means that you are bound to find someone to talk to. There is also a translate function in the app.


With this app you can get one-on-one video lessons with native German speakers. The curriculum is based on your needs and covers grammar, reading and writing. There are also more than 1000 exercises to help you reach your German learning goals.

Like many of the other apps, this app uses spaced repetition to help you remember what you have learned better. The app also takes into account the things that you find harder than others.


With this app you learn sentences. You can then record these sentences for tutors to listen to. They will give you feedback on that recording within a day.

The Best Apps for Learning German: Conclusion

Olly Richards from talks about “the App Villain“. Although he isn’t against learning languages through technology, he also warns us against all the distractions that our phones poses to our learning process.

Because of this I recommend that when using one of these apps you should put you phone in some kind of “do no disturb” so you can focus on your learning.

Another thing that I think is important when learning languages with technology, is that learning to speak a language is that there are many aspects of learning languages. You shouldn’t use these apps by themselves. Use them in combination with other learning methods.


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