The Best German Movies: Have Fun Learning German

I believe that learning through fun is the best way to learn. Take a look at the movies that I deem the Best German movies to aid you in this quest.

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Where to Find German Movies



Playing off in East Berlin, this movie uses comedy to show how absurd the life of those in East Berlin was under the reign of a socialistic government. Their pop culture and music is displayed in this comedy named after a street in Berlin that was divided by the border between East and West Berlin

Germans, especially those who lived in the GDR (German Democratic Republic) or DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik), appreciates this movie. It is also ideal for intermediate level students trying to learn German.

Goodbye Lenin

Next up is a tragicomedy film. It also features East Germany under the socialistic regime in the GDR, but this time it takes place after the fall of the Berlin wall. A woman who was in a coma since the year before wakes up in a different Berlin. To protect his mother, her son does not tell her of the changes that took place around them while she was comatose.

I would recommend this story to German students who are more advanced in their learning stages.


Der Untergang

In the time of the Battle of Berlin in WWII, this movie, based on the book of Hitler’s secretary and other sources, focuses on the final part of the Nazi regime under Hitler in his bunker. This movie not only shows the traditional view of Hitler as a bad person but also his human side. It is also understandable to almost any level of German speaker.

Das Leben der Anderen

This movie is recommended for advanced German speakers and won an Oscar.

In this story playing off in 1984, Stasi, an agent of the secret police spies on a writer and his lover and is finally very touched by their lives.


Das Experiment

This movie is about a social experiment in which twenty men are hired to play either prisoners or guards. The prisoners have to obey the guards who on their turn have to establish order without violence. Interesting things about humanity, leadership, social difficulties, and others come out in this movie. Furthermore, this movie is understandable for any student above the intermediate level.


Deutschland: Ein Sommermärchen

This film follows the German national football team from their bootcamp in preparation for the World Cup in 2006 (in Germany) till their last game of the world cup. You will learn a lot about sportsmanship while improving you German.

I recommend this movie to students from the intermediate level.


Gegen Die Wand

When a Turkish German’s wife passes he gives up on life and turns to alcohol and cocaine. After attempting suicide he is placed in a psychiatric clinic where he meets a woman who also attempted to take her own life. She asks him to marry her in order to break free from her conservative family.

Where to Find German Movies

There are many ways to find movies online, here are some of them:


Netflix has some really cool movies that can help you to learn German. On Fluento they also give you some tips on how to find German movies.

Amazon Prime

Amazon video has some German movies, but their Prime subscription has a wide range for you to choose from.

How to Find New Movies to Watch

My first try is always to search on the internet for recommendations. You can also search for the filmography of actors that you might have liked from other movies. Furthermore, is also a great place to look for new movies.

Now, go watch and rewatch movies until you understand everything. Then, search for some other movies you can watch.


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