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Most people I know love watching series. Link your German studies with something fun by watching the best German series. will help you to learn so much faster. This will also help you with pronunciation and improve your vocabulary. I chose some series from a few genres to share with you guys.

Table of Contents

Romantic Series

Verbotene Liebe

Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) is a light-hearted German TV series about a girl and a boy in love in Düsseldorf. One of them is from the upper and the other from the middle class.

Dating Daisy


Divorcee and nurse, Daisy, tries to start anew in a dilapidated house. She starts dating around again, not suspecting that her new love might be right under her nose.


Türkisch für Änfanger

Türkisch für Änfanger (Turkish for Beginners) tells the story of Lena, living in Berlin, whose mother married a Turk. Her having to adjust to her new multicultural can teach the viewer about the difficulties of such environments and how to overcome them.

Aus heiterim Himmel

Two friends, Tobias and Christopher, are sworn singles. They date around while living together. When Tobias’ ex-wife, however, passes on his children and an adoptive child had to start living with them.

This series touches current topics. Which, the vocabulary you can learn through this will be useful in your everyday life.



An East German soldier, previously a guard, is stationed as a spy in West Berlin. The modern history presented in this story will help you to understand Germany better. This is crucial to speaking German.

Polizeiruf 110


Police officer, Alexander Bukow had no problem following unconventional methods to attain results. Together with his lover, they do not only fight crime but also with each other.



Two children’s disappearances shake a lot of people. This Netflix series will keep you on the edge of your seat while you try to solve the mystery yourself.

Crime Series

Im Angesicht des Verbrechens

While investigating the Berlin Russian Mafia, the investigator falls in love with a young woman who had no other option other than prostitution.

Unter anderen Umständen

Jana Winter is the leader of an investigational team. All of their cases, however, are always linked in some way or another linked to Jana’s private life.

I hope that you enjoy these series. Let me know what you thought of them and if you have some other great series to recommend.


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