The Reason for German Genders

German is often regarded as confusing due to grammatical Gender. Now, the question that poses is: What is the reason for German Genders. But first, consider the following scenario:

Hello there, I am a table and I am a male, but next to me are my wife the fork.

Yep, that is what German sound like. Every. Single. Noun. has a gender. German is one of the 26 lucky languages that have only three genders.

”Lucky? How can that be lucky? It’s hard!” you might say, but hear me out.

I thought that three genders are a lot too, but some languages have more than five genders. When I learned that I suddenly became very thankful for only three genders.

The three genders you will come across in German are masculine, feminine and neuter. Plural nouns have their own category, but it isn’t regarded as a gender.

Now you might ask me what the reason for German genders are. That’s why you clicked on this post I guess?

German is a Germanic language and are, just like English from the Western-Germanic segment. English also had genders, but managed to leave it in the past. Something German and many other languages have not yet managed to do yet.

In the beginning what we know today as genders used to be themes and were used to show the function of the word, but they have advanced to a such a level that we cannot se the function anymore.

So, the answer to your question… No, there are no logic behind the genders anymore, but look closely and you will see that without Mr Tisch and Mrs Gabel you cannot live. They are too beautiful, just like German.


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5 responses to “The Reason for German Genders”

  1. Steve Saunders Avatar
    Steve Saunders

    How is the gender of something determined?

    1. TalkingEasily Avatar

      Genders are something which we can’t really determine based on rules for it is based on the German idiom. However you can guess the Gender. Take a look at this post for more information on that.

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  4. Sam Avatar

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