Well, this woman has officially gone crazy. The modern world has made life so much easier when learning new languages! Fair enough, but just hear my theory on translating out.

Firstly, I am not against learning phrases and sentences by heart. Not at all, in fact, I strongly recommend your doing so. It trains your brain on how the language works, which will eventually lead to your brain forming the sentences by itself. The problem lies in the automatic translation of phrases. The reason being, each language has its own idiom. A way in which only that language works, specifically in relation to sentence structure. I have found pasting a sentence into a translator quite, might I say, useless. The sentences usually aren’t translated as a native would speak.

Therefore, I recommend dictionaries. Either a hard copy or a digital one. (When studying German, my favourite online dictionary is leo.org – more on that here.) Thus leading towards you translating a single word and having to formulate the sentence by yourself. Since there are some set rules on how to formulate sentences, the outcome will most probably be correct.

See? This will speed up your learning process tremendously.



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