20 Ways How You Can Learn German Faster

You may have heard that German is a difficult language to learn. Maybe you’re thinking it’s going to take a long time and be hard work, but this doesn’t have to be the case! Even if you don’t know any German at all, there are ways for you to reach your goal of speaking fluently in just a short amount of time. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some tips on how you can learn German faster than ever before

20 Tips For Learning German Faster

  1. Find a german friend.
  2. Watch some movies or series in German to learn the language naturally.
  3. Watch Netflix or YouTube videos that are dubbed in German.
  4. Listen to podcasts and music in German (sing along to the songs that you can).
  5. Read children’s books in German.
  6. Talk to yourself out loud while you’re learning – this will help you learn how to pronounce words correctly and improve your listening skills.
  7. Write down vocabulary words that you don’t know yet, then look them up later when you have time.
  8. Download leo.org‘s app
  9. Read German short stories, books or articles about topics that interest you.
  10. Use flashcards for memorizing vocabulary words.
  11. Practice speaking out loud as much as possible – even just talking to yourself while doing dishes or folding laundry is helpful!
  12. Hire a tutor for one-on-one lessons.
  13. Understand the culture – read about German history or go to a museum or art gallery.
  14. Make time for it! Set aside 30 minutes each day so you can practice what you learned that day.
  15. Get some help from your family members – have them quiz you on phrases until they are second nature.
  16. Use your commute wisely- listen to podcasts in German while driving around town. You can also use an app like Memrise or Duolingo if you are using public transport.
  17. Take advantage of sites like Duolingo, Memrise, or Anki for language learning.
  18. Watch videos in german on YouTube or other online platforms.
  19. Practice reading aloud with a native speaker.
  20. Keep your interest in learning by setting goals for yourself (i.e., complete the Duolingo course).

I hope that I managed to show you some ways in which you can learn German faster, because let’s face it, it can seem daunting to learn a new language, but it is possible! What are some of your tips to learn German faster?


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20 Ways to Learn German Faster

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